R-litter 2010

Spotborne's Heaven Can Wait

HD:A, lemon-free, - 2 P4.

(Spotborne's Brainstorm x SCH Paper Moon's Corella)

Panda, who is living near Stockholm, is the sire of our R-litter 2010.

Spotborne's Heaven Can Wait - Panda

a great mover at the Stockholm show december 2009

DKCH Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas, HD:A, BAER +/+, Ee, all teeth.

(Multichampion Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy x Danish Spots Ena Spotted Liberty)

Our happy, sweet and beautiful Freja is the mother of our R-litter 2010.


27th March 2010:  2 dogs and 7 bitches.


Pedigree of the puppies

Spotborne's Heaven Can Wait

Spotborne's Brainstorm

Gwynmor Now Listen Lady

SCH Paper Moon's Corella


INTCH Spotnik's Unbottoned Uniform

MULTICH Perdita's Kiss Me Better

DKCH Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas

MULTICH Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy MULTICH Spotnik's Viking Victory
Bell-A-Mir's Classy Cleopatra
Danish Spots Ena Spotted Liberty CH Perdita's Inside Information
Frihedens Online




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