Puppies growing up


The puppies are growing up in our home, always in close contact with people.




Before the puppies are born, we make a giant playing ground for them in the dining room.  Here they can tumble and play; but very often we let them play in all the house.  It makes a lot of fun but it is also a little tuff, as they do the most incredible things - taking plants from the window, chewing the carpet, crawling in the basket with wood, peeing, peeing and so on, and so on....

Hvalp_nys.JPG (24570 bytes) 


We have a fence all around the garden, and if the weather is good they play in the garden every day.   The flowers do not like it, but obviously they are fantastic to jump in.  When the puppies are in the garden, people often stop in the street to look at them.

By the way we are very observant that the puppies meet many kinds of people in there first weeks of living.  This may be of great importance later in their lives.