DKCH Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas
(MULTICH Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy x Danish Spots Ena Spotted Liberty)

DKCH Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas, born: 11.04.2007.

She is the daughter of Danish Spots Ena Spotted Liberty.

Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas, called Freja, is 4. generation of our kennel.


Co-owners are Thomas Boldsen og Charlotte Larsen.


Freja 1 year old on the photo.

Freja is an extremely beautiful, sweet and very out-going bitch.  She is a great show girl, but she could have done much better in the ring, if she would understand that showing is a serious matter and not only for fun.


HD-status:          A

BAER-test:           +/+

Teeth:                  All

Lemon:               Ee

Temperament:  result from mental test

Show results 2007: See below

Show results 2008: 3 x EX1, CAC, BOS

Show results 2009: 3 x EX1, 2 x CAC, BOB, BOS.  Dansk Champion


                    Freja's Pedigree

Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas

MULTICH, Worldwinner, Crufts winner

Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy

MULTICH Spotnik's Viking Victory

MULTICH, Worldwinner, Crufts winner

Spotnik's Special Selection

MULTICH Perdita's Kiss Me Better
Bell-A-Mir's Classy Cleopatra


Rocca Al Mare Congregare

Bell-A-Mir's Babuska
Danish Spots Ena Spotted Liberty MULTICH Perdita's Inside Information T-Cart Unicus
NCH Perdita's Key To Heaven
Frihedens Online MULTICH, WW Jilloc's A Man In The Mirror
Timanka's Danish Delight


2007 Frejas show results
1.09.2007 Silkeborg Niels Brandstrup, Norway BOS-baby
2.09.2007 Silkeborg Anette Vieler, Denmark 4th bitch-puppy
3.11.2007 Herning Jos De Cyiper, Begium Promissing